Artisan Made - fine bags and accessories curated in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala.

Artisan Made seeks out the most outstanding bags, scarves, jewelry and other accessories that are made by hand in the highlands of Guatemala. Each item represents the artistic talent of the person who made it. Their expertise in textiles, leather, silver, and jade makes each item truly one of a kind. 

Bags: The gorgeous colors of the traditional huipiles and the finest leather are combined to make bags that are truly conversation pieces. Each of the textiles used in making the bags has a story woven into it. The Mayan artisans weave the story of their ancestors, their villages, and their way of life into their work. A hand made bag from Guatemala is definitely one that will be treasured for many years to come. 

Scarves: The scarves come mainly from the villages of San Juan La Laguna and San Antonio Palapo. The women in these towns have formed cooperatives to support each other as they weave. The textiles from San Juan are primarily made with locally grown cotton and are dyed with all natural dyes from local plants. 

Jewelry: Jade or jadeite is native to Guatemala. It is found in many different colors. Jade was precious to the ancient Mayan civilization. They considered it to be the sacred stone of life, love and fertility. Today skilled artisans turn jade into unique handcrafted jewelry.  

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